Inclusive Ticket

All Inclusive ticket admits entry for one person only and gives that person access to every day of the Inferno Gaming Festival.
With All Inclusive ticket you will also get special discounts at selected partners ranging from food and drinks to merch and hardware.
With All Inclusive ticket you can attend all Afterparties.

Welcome to Valhalla warrior, you are a true Gamer soul. With this ticket you will get all the spoils of war and freedom to enter and exit as you like.
We think that with this ticket you will taste the true gaming life with unlimited stamina and health.
You will see what few have seen and also party like a champ. Inferno will give you everything the true warrior like yourself deserves.
But, be warned, to enter the Afterparty you must be 18 or above.

Well, you are already a Legend, every Gamer dreams to be in your place, so are you ready for the ride?
This will be the ride of your life!!!