Countdown until the event
The Biggest Gaming Festival
in Croatia
Because of COVID-19 moved to 2021
New date will be provided as soon as possible


Visit us and take a look at what our Partners and Exhibitors have to offer. Hardware, Software, Retro Gaming, Indie, Gadgets, Extreme Sports, Modders and Famous brands. We come with the muscles of the Gaming World.


Think you got what it takes?! Build your team or compete individually, show us what you got and how much you can take. Sign up to compete in popular video games, show us what you got, and fight against the best, win the prize and enter our hall of fame. CS:GO, LOL, COD, Tekken…. Choose your poison and your Team. Build your Team, and train them, trust us It won’t be easy money. Are you up for a challenge, try it, we dare you. Fight your way to the top and Win!


Meet and Greet popular Gaming Youtubers from Croatia and region. Hang out with them and party with them. You want an autograph or selfie with your favorite YouTubers, be our guest and you will get them Support your favorite YouTubers by entering their codes while purchasing tickets for the festival and participate in their giveaway!


Do you want to relax after a day of battling through the tournament ranks or you just want to party with us after the event? Join us on a party you won't forget. Every day after the event we party hard. Our DJ's will make sure of that. You want to party even more after? Our partner night clubs across the city of Zadar will take care of that. Visit us and have fun, because every Gamer deserves it!

Gaming Market

Every Gamer wants something from his favorite game, tv show or movie. Well we got that covered. You can find all that you need at our partners in Gaming Market. From comic books, mugs, hoodies or t-shirts to the gadgets, dolls and even sword replicas. If it's from the movie or a game they will have it. Take a look, and choose what you like.


Cosplay is a huge part in Gaming Community and we have competition with rich rewards. Show us your costume and your hard work creating it and prepare to be judged by our Cosplay judges. Interact with visitors on the event, show them your mask and your role and take pictures with them. Every thing counts in getting those votes. If you are a cosplay lover and would like to meet cosplayers and join their community, you are in the right place.


Don't miss out opportunity to win great prizes on Giveaway events through the days of Inferno Gaming Festival. Tnx to our partners every day there will be giveaway events where you can win cool tshirts, wearables or even hardware. But please be kind in the croud and fair if someone else wins something, no pushing, fighting or stealing because we are all here to have a good time. Good luck.

Retro gaming

Take a walk through the History of Gaming. Consoles, PC’s, Games - take a look at what type of Games were played through the beginning of Gaming and play them. Feel the History throwback.

Indie games

Interested in INDIE Games? We are proud to welcome them as well and show you their Games because not every game has to be AAA to be Great. Interested in jobs as Game developer or you are already a game developer and need some advices in development of Games? Talk to our people and see what bridges you have to cross. Try their Games and if you like them buy them. And remember my fellow gamer soul, every AAA game started as someones Indie project.

PC Modding

Fancy some PC modding? Our famous PC Modders will show you how they do it and how it has to be done. Take a look at their awesome mods, and watch their magic. Also learn how to make pc water cooling and other tricks pc modders have in their arsenal.