Where to stay

City of Zadar is popular touristic destination so it has a lots of options for touristic accomodation.
If you are a type of person that likes hotel accommodation then definitely check official web site
Zadar Tourist Board
There you will get official information about quality and services hotels have, nicely covered with links and pictures.
All hotels in Zadar are modern with premium service and are constantly upgrading their quality and content.

For other types of accomodation there are plenty of choices.
From villas to apartments, Zadar has it all.
For that kind of info check site below

So these are your options and as you can see accommodation is not a problem.
But we must warn you that Inferno Gaming Festival is held in peak of the summer season so if you wait for too long there may be a chance that all accommodation will be reserved or sold out.
Also during the summer season the prices of accommodation are skyhigh so if you are interested to go to Inferno Gaming Festival and to vacate in beautiful city of Zadar reserve your accommodation as early as you can.

Enjoy your stay.